Dmitri Mehlhorn

Dmitri Mehlhorn is a PPI senior fellow and a partner at Vidinovo, venture investment network. Previously, he served as President of Bloomberg BNA Legal, a Virginia-based division of technology giant Bloomberg LP. Before that, he spent 7 years at Gerson Lehrman Group, a leading expertise exchange with 19 global offices. There, he was Managing Director and his responsibilities included global research management, new market sales, and legal / regulatory affairs. Earlier in his career, Mehlhorn served as Chief of Staff and antitrust counsel at O’Melveny & Myers, a top-20 global law firm. Mehlhorn started his career as an engagement manager at McKinsey & Company, the global consultancy. Recently, Mehlhorn served as Senior Advisor to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to support the new administration on strategic, organizational, and talent management matters. Mehlhorn has written about market-friendly progressive solutions in housing, antitrust, technology, and economics, and earned degrees in law, policy, and politics from Yale, Harvard, and Stanford.


Op-eds and Articles

By / 6.22.2016

On Saturday, Donald Trump issued an “emergency” appeal seeking $100,000 for his campaign “to help get our ads on the air.” This was odd for three reasons. First, according to his own commercials, the main premise of Trump’s campaign was that he would pay for it himself. Second, Trump’s campaign disclosure forms allege that his […]

Op-eds and Articles

By / 5.5.2016

Is “more money” a vital education policy, when compared with other possible changes? Should taxpayers allocate significantly more money to existing K-12 public schools, without demanding structural reforms? On average, if existing K-12 public schools had more money, would students obtain significant or sustainable benefits? Increasingly, conventional wisdom answers “yes:” many say that money alone, […]


By / 4.8.2016

The Washington Post just reviewed a recent dispute between the Sanders and Clinton campaigns and concluded that Sanders earned “three Pinnochios” for dishonesty. This raises broader questions as Bernie’s campaign goes negative. Bernie has built a mythology that he is a uniquely honest politician, and he has traded on that brand myth to raise money. […]


By / 1.6.2016

A feature for the Center for Civil Justice. Can America’s courts deliver better schools for disadvantaged students? Some students and teachers seem to think so. In Massachusetts, five student plaintiffs who were unable to secure seats in charter school lotteries intend to file a lawsuit challenging the state’s cap on charter schools. In California, veteran teacher […]


By / 12.31.2015

Presidents and Presidential Candidates Best: Barack Obama Barack Obama had one of the best second-term years of any President in living memory. Recall that the central worry about Obama, both as a candidate and as a President, was that he would fail to make the tough decisions necessary to drive America forward. Recall further that, […]