Ed Kilgore

Ed Kilgore is a PPI senior fellow, as well as managing editor of The Democratic Strategist, an online forum.



By / 12.26.2014

It’s time for the traditional end-of-year reminiscences of 2014, with plenty of best-and-worst lists for political people.  I’ll fish in with a few lowlights of the political year. 1) Worst primary campaign:  there were too many underwhelming primary campaigns to count, much less list, but you’d have to include on any list the early-favorite Tea […]


By / 12.19.2014

The president’s partial normalization of relations with Cuba spurred widespread Republican fury (with the conspicuous exception of Sen. Rand Paul).  You have to begin wondering if the multiple layers of conservative outrage over the president’s various executive actions could overwhelm the best-laid plans of GOP congressional leaders to make their takeover of Congress appear a […]


By / 12.17.2014

The potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate many expected to be a late decider or an early withdrawer, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, made an overt move towards a campaign, announcing yesterday he was seriously considering a run, and also setting up a “leadership PAC” (a personal PAC like most future presidential candidates have to reward […]


By / 12.15.2014

The “Cromnibus” bill (the FY 2015 omnibus appropriations bill with two months of funding for the Department of Homeland Security) cleared the Senate on Saturday by a relatively comfortable 56-40 vote (after an even more spacious 77-19 margin for cloture), it’s interesting that solons with reported interest in high office mostly gave the legislation a […]


By / 12.12.2014

One of the most beloved and perpetual media narratives in Washington is “Democrats in Disarray.”  But if  relatively minor intraparty divisions are often blown up into “fights” and “civil wars,” sometimes serious differences of opinion do emerge. That may well be what happened yesterday when the White House whipped House Democrats to support the “cromnibus” […]


By / 12.11.2014

As Washington focuses on the fate of the “Cromnibus” (the Omnibus Appropriations Bill for nearly all of the federal government plus a two-month CR for the Department of Homeland Security), the less nationally noted but still locally dramatic biennial phenomenon of gubernatorial transitions is underway. The 2014 cycle (with 36 gubernatorial elections) produced just eleven […]


By / 12.10.2014

Anyone looking towards the starting line for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination campaign has got to wonder how and when this gigantic field gets “culled.”  Sure, it will eventually happen once voters start voting, but how about in the Invisible Primary where party elites get to put their thumbs on the scales?  It’s a particularly […]