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Elliott Long

Elliott Long is a Senior Economic Policy Analyst for the Progressive Policy Institute. Before coming to PPI, Elliott served as Small Business Majority’s Policy & Development Associate. He has also interned for members of Congress and at the White House Office of Legislative Affairs. Elliott holds a BA in Political Science from Florida Gulf Coast University and MPA from George Washington University.



By and / 5.13.2020

Attempting to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, policymakers at the federal, state, & local levels are suspending or rescinding laws and regulations that hinder timely, sensible responses to the pandemic. The temporary departure from these rules is causing many to question the need to reinstate them post-crisis. A diverse cross-section of scholars has written on […]


By and / 4.23.2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is already a world-historic event, both in terms of health and economics. For Brazil, no one knows how far the disease will go and how bad the damage will be. (A Brazillian Portuguese version is available for download here/Versão em português do brasil) Yet as people around the world engage in “social […]

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By / 4.14.2020

Lawmakers are gearing up to funnel more money into the new Paycheck Protection Program, which makes loans to small businesses to cover payroll and expenses during the Coronavirus pandemic. The program has been flooded by applications, with one bank seeing more than 85,000 customers apply for $22.2 billion on the first day. Small businesses are a key component of […]

Op-eds and Articles

By / 2.27.2020

Policymakers often overlook a critical component of the nation’s infrastructure: railroads. Indeed, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics estimates 25.5 billion tons of freight will be moved by 2045, a 37 percent increase compared to 2018. But states are now trying to legislate a labor mandate best left to negotiations between workers and the rail industry. By our […]


By / 2.12.2020

The failure of the app intended to collect results from the Democratic caucuses in Iowa wasn’t the best advertisement for the App Economy. But we have to remember that apps play a central role in the economy. As part of a global project measuring the size of the App Economy, we estimated the U.S. App […]


By / 2.5.2020

In a perfect example of unintended consequences, restaurant workers are pushing back against a nationwide campaign by labor advocates intended to raise their wages. They worry that the advocates’ push will cost them more in lost tips than they’ll gain in mandated wage increases – and cut their income overall.  These workers have found an […]


By and / 12.12.2019

Companies that invest in America are the lifeblood of economic growth. Whether it’s a fast 3D printer, a fuel-efficient delivery van, a gigabit-speed broadband network, a new solar power project, a cutting-edge data center, or a 5G small cell, capital investment boosts productivity, raises living standards, and creates better-paying jobs. Unfortunately, the financial crisis of […]