Hal Singer

Hal J. Singer, Ph.D. is a Principal at Economists Incorporated and a Senior Fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute.


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By / 8.26.2015

They said it wouldn’t happen. They offered assurances from three Wall Street analysts, who insisted that Internet service providers (ISPs) would continue to invest at the same levels regardless of the regulatory climate. When it issued its Open Internet Order in February of this year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) never counted on its prediction […]

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By / 8.13.2015

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently proposed amending its low-income “Lifeline” program—which provides a $9.25 per month credit for consumers of voice services—to permit recipients to apply that same subsidy instead to broadband services. Who could argue against increasing options for low-income Americans? Before critiquing the FCC’s proposal, it’s important to point out that expanding […]


By / 8.7.2015

Yesterday, a stellar constellation of regulatory economists—including three economists affiliated with the Progressive Policy Institute—submitted an amicus brief to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, demonstrating that the Federal Communications Commission’s 2015 Open Internet Order failed a cost-benefit test. How could this happen? When proposing a remedy to address a perceived market failure, a regulatory […]

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By / 7.29.2015

Are we getting enough broadband competition? And if not, where should we look for a new Internet access provider to keep broadband prices in check and to spur incumbents to increase speeds? The answer may be staring you in the face . . . assuming you are reading this from a wireless device. Even if […]

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By and / 7.22.2015

If you’re a Democratic policy maker worried about retirement savings for the little guy, would you deny millions of small savers access to financial advisers in ways that could cost them $80 billion in the next market downturn? Would you ask working families to pay more to keep the adviser they have? The obvious answer […]

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By / 5.28.2015

The Federal Communications Commission injected a considerable amount of uncertainty into the high-tech sector in February when it reclassified Internet service providers (ISPs) as public utilities. If it is upheld by the courts, the Open Internet Order—which inserts the government directly into private dealings between ISPs and firms that generate or aggregate Internet content—will drag […]


By / 5.19.2015

The Federal Communication Commission’s 2015 Open Internet order threatens innovation in three distinct ways. First, by barring paid priority arrangements, the order undermines innovation in the nascent market for real-time applications like telemedicine and HD voice. Second, because sponsored-data plans (including zero-rating plans) may run afoul of its “general conduct” standard, the order could discourage […]