Jason Scorse

Jason Scorse received his Ph.D. in Agricultural & Resource Economics from UC-Berkeley in 2005. He is currently Associate Professor and Chair of the International Environmental Policy (IEP) Program at the Monterey Institute (A graduate school of Middlebury College). Dr. Scorse has consulted for numerous environmental organizations, including the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club, and he is currently the Lead Non-Market Economist for the National Ocean Economics Program. He has published articles in American Economic Review, California Management Review, and has books published by the Brookings Institution and Routledge Press. His book, What Environmentalists Need to Know About Economics, was released in 2010. Dr. Scorse also sits on the board of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Research Activities Panel and The Otter Project.



By / 4.22.2011

The past decade has been extremely depressing for the U.S. environmental community. Rather than lead the world on climate and energy policy, the U.S. has fallen further behind our developed-world allies, and now even lags behind rising powers such as China and Brazil. The question arises: Why has America not been able to muster the […]


By / 3.25.2011

For most of modern American history, the two major political parties in America have largely agreed on the desired long-term environmental outcomes for the country: there was a consensus among Republicans and Democrats that it was a good thing to press for cleaner air and water, less toxins in the environment, biodiversity preservation, and mitigation […]


By / 1.18.2011

The new Congress is now in session, with a large GOP majority in the House and a much diminished Democratic majority in the Senate; the prospects for serious climate change legislation in the U.S. are dimmer than ever. The Republican Party has largely turned its back on science and its own conservative ideas (remember, McCain […]