Michael M Lieberman

Michael M. Lieberman is an international attorney in Washington D.C. and a fellow at the Truman National Security Project.



By / 10.18.2010

Just like their crazy-as-a-FOX cousins, the Wall Street Journal editorial page has indulged yet again in a spectacle of tragicomical self-victimization. An especially shameless recent raving targets the Democrats’ efforts to expose the furtive corporate backing behind their array of political front groups, of the sort that Rupert Murdoch, the brothers Koch and their band […]


By / 9.9.2010

Against the conservatives’ neo-McCarthyist onslaught of faith-baiting innuendo, the progressive position in support of the Cordoba House Islamic center has been, perhaps naturally, largely defensive. Supporters of the Center have emphasized Imam Faisal’s incontestable constitutional right to build the center where planned and warned of the risks to both our principles and national security if […]