Mark Ribbing

Mark Ribbing was the director of policy development at the Progressive Policy Institute from 2007 to 2009. He is currently serving as a special assistant to the Secretary of the Navy.



By / 12.2.2019

Over the final three decades of the 20th century, one of the defining features of American life was the abandonment and deterioration of historic urban centers. In cities large and small, from coast to coast, residents and dollars followed the interstate highways out of the old commercial downtowns and out to the suburbs. Columbia, S.C., […]


By / 8.8.2018

In 2011, Sly James won election to his first term as mayor of Kansas City, Mo. Within roughly 48 hours of his victory, he was swept into a meeting room to close a long anticipated deal: the approval of an agreement to make the City of Fountains the site of the first Google Fiber ultra-highspeed […]


Charlotte is one of the high- growth “winner metros” of the Sun Belt – a banking capital with a sparkling downtown (the locals actually call it Uptown); major-league sports; and an expanding, increasingly diverse population. While that growth has brought significant benefits, it has also presented challenges.


Denver has emerged as one of the most dynamic American metro areas of the 21st century, with a steady stream of well- educated workers drawn to its extraordinary natural beauty and friendly, wide-open vibe. It drew the world’s attention in 2008 with a boldly staged Democratic convention that launched a candidate who seemed to mirror […]


By / 12.31.2009

As the 2000s come to a close, prominent publications (here and here) have joined in the name game: what to call these nameless past ten years. This post, by former PPI stalwart Mark Ribbing, was originally published by PPI in August: The time is coming to give this decade a name. We are four months from […]