Norman Anderson

Norman Anderson is the president and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure.



By / 3.25.2011

You could almost see the eyes rolling last week as Senators John Kerry and Kay Bailey Hutchison introduced the latest version of a bill to create a National Infrastructure Bank. After all, President Barack Obama calls for an infrastructure bank in every budget, and bills have been in play every session since 2007. Today we […]


By / 1.31.2011

In listening to President Obama talk about infrastructure in his State of the Union Message, I couldn’t stop thinking about last year’s great movie “The Blind Side.” A young, talented, left-handed quarterback fades back to pass, surveys the field, has three receivers open and…bam, once again he’s crushed by a bull-rushing defensive end, who once […]

Op-eds and Articles

By and / 10.1.2010

President Barack Obama’s new infrastructure initiative has triggered a constructive economic debate — for a change. Instead of a fruitless argument over whether the administration’s stimulus package was too big or too small, now we can talk about what it will really take to reboot the U.S. economy. Upgrading America’s worn-out, inadequate public infrastructure is […]


By / 6.30.2010

We all want the infrastructure market to pick up dramatically and generate jobs, build productivity, and create competitiveness. But there is a yawning gap between public expressions of optimism and what infrastructure executives have been telling me about the state of their business. We continue to hear good news about the infrastructure industry in the […]


By / 2.24.2010

As the United States struggles to rouse itself from its economic slumber, the country is beginning to keenly feel the need to lay down a foundation for a new and vibrant economy. A concerted effort to modernize our infrastructure must top any checklist for recovery. The backbone of our economic system has suffered from years […]