Nathan Richardson

Nathan Richardson is a visiting scholar at Resources for the Future. The views expressed here are his own.



By / 3.10.2010

Climate policy seems to be returning to the legislative agenda. The Cantwell-Collins “cap and dividend” bill is getting real (and bipartisan) interest. The Kerry-Graham-Lieberman “tripartisan” climate proposal is rumored to be nearly ready. As these proposals indicate, it is likely that the Senate will start its discussions on climate from first principles, despite the presence […]


By / 3.8.2010

Major pieces of legislation from the Hill, blockbuster rulemakings, and Supreme Court cases get all the policy headlines. Sometimes, though, small things can make just as much of an impact. Last week’s completion by the EPA of a proposed revision to an internal memo — the Johnson Memorandum — could be an example of this, though it looks like […]


By / 3.4.2010

Sen. John D. Rockefeller (D-WV) today introduced a bill which, if passed, would become the “Stationary Source Regulations Delay Act.’’ This bill, like Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) proposal that I’ve written about before, would curtail the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under the Clean Air Act (CAA). There are major differences between the proposals, however, […]