Olivia Blom

Olivia Blom is a spring 2018 editorial intern at PPI. She is currently a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studies Political Science and concentrate in American Politics.



By / 5.21.2018

Students, policymakers, and members of the American public have increasingly acknowledged the crippling impact of student loans for many college graduates. In response, a growing number of schools are offering an alternative financing option to students: so-called “income share agreements.” Instead of taking out a loan and paying it back over time with interest, students […]

Op-eds and Articles

By / 3.8.2018

Happy International Women’s Day! Around the world, people are celebrating the power, value, and achievement of women, while bringing attention to many gender based inequalities that continue to pervade society today. In honor of this day, we revisit a 2012 op-ed from PPI Director of Domestic & Social Policy Anne Kim, “Elect More Women to […]


By / 2.22.2018

This week, PPI Strategic Adviser Paul Bledsoe published a piece for The Hill exploring the dynamic between the United States and China when it comes to solar energy. According to Bledsoe, an examination of history suggests that “an element of global cooperation on energy technology among economic competitors may be necessary to address the existential […]


By / 2.15.2018

This week, President Trump unveiled proposed specifics for the infrastructure plan he discussed in his State of the Union address last month. As part of Trump’s proposal, the federal government would dedicate just $200 billion (by cutting existing infrastructure funding without adding new sources) to infrastructure initiatives, relying instead on local and private investments to […]