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Phil Goldberg

Phil Goldberg, the director of PPI's Center for Civil Justice, is a partner at Shook Hardy & Bacon LLP. As a public policy attorney, Goldberg has more than two decades of experience with liability-related public policies and public affairs. From 1993 through 2000, he worked for Democratic Members of Congress, including Rep. Steve Rothman (NJ), when Mr. Rothman served on the House Judiciary Committee. Since joining Shook in 2003, Goldberg has regularly testified before legislatures, filed amicus briefs in federal and state courts, spoken at judicial education programs, and authored legal scholarship on important liability-related matters.


Op-eds and Articles

By / 6.19.2015

As the presidential campaign season gets underway, it reminds us how much we loath the politics of fear mongering. Half-truths and half-baked policy proposals have become staples of modern campaigns. You betcha! Until recently, there was a difference between campaigning and governing. Governments are supposed to base their decisions on hard facts and real science. […]

Op-eds and Articles

By / 4.30.2015

The Obama administration issued a stinging rebuke of the European Union’s decision this week to allow countries in Europe to “opt-out” of U.S. imports of genetically modified (GM) foods and feed. The U.S. Trade Representative said that such a rule “ignore[s] science-based safety and environmental determinations” that modifying crops in laboratories is no more harmful […]


By / 5.22.2014

In this year of partisan gridlock, there have been precious few issues that enjoyed broad bi-partisan support. Patent troll reform has been one of them – until now. With word out today that the Senate has set aside their effort on patent troll reform, gridlock has succumbed another victim. This time, the victims are businesses […]


By / 1.29.2014

In his State of the Union address, President Obama promised to go it alone on many issues, but there is one issue where he will find Congress to be a willing partner: ending patent trolling. Over the past year, Democrats and Republicans have quickly coming together to try to solve this growing area of litigation […]

Op-eds and Articles

By / 10.30.2013

At a time when gridlock in Washington has been at an all-time high, there is one high-profile issue where Democrats and Republicans are quickly coming together: defeating “patent trolling,” which is a growing area of litigation abuse vexing America’s high-tech economy. In these lawsuits, shell businesses called Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs) game the patent litigation […]


By / 10.1.2013

President Obama brought much needed attention this June to “patent trolling,” a growing area of litigation abuse vexing America’s high-tech industries. In these lawsuits, shell businesses called Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs) or Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs)—some of which have been nicknamed “patent trolls”—game the patent and litigation systems. They purchase dormant patents, wait for others to independently […]


By / 11.19.2010

Read the entire memo Environmental progressives have been urging the federal government to address climate change for more than 30 years. Many of these efforts have focused on setting limits on the emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases collectively referred to as “greenhouse gases” or GHGs. Presidents George H.W. Bush, Clinton, and Obama […]


By / 11.23.2009

As the full Senate debate over health care reform legislation finally gets under way following Saturday’s vote, Democratic leaders in Congress should continue fending off special-interest amendments that could be added to what promises to be an enormous piece of legislation. One such provision almost made it into a House committee’s bill earlier this year: […]