Paul Hofheinz

Paul Hofeinz is the president and co-founder of The Lisbon Council asbl



By and / 7.2.2015

The United States and the European Union enjoy one of the healthiest trade relationships on the planet. The nearly $1.06 trillion [€770 billion] of goods and services theyexchange each year accounts for almost one-third of the annual trade flows worldwide.  And yet, even figures that large may be only the tip of the iceberg. As […]


By and / 4.24.2014

Seldom has the world stood poised before economic changes destined to bring as much palpable improvement to people’s lives and desirable social transformation as “big data.” Breathless accounts abound of the huge amounts of data that citizens, consumers and  governments now generate on a daily basis in studies ranging from the French Prime Minister’s Commissariat […]