Roger Ballentine

Roger Ballentine is a PPI senior fellow and founder and president of Green Strategies, Inc.


Op-eds and Articles

By / 4.10.2014

Listening to the Republicans in Congress, one might think that the Keystone XL pipeline is the biggest energy issue facing the country today and that swift approval of the controversial project is vital to America’s interests. Election-year politics aside, however, the merits of the case for the pipeline have been eclipsed by changing circumstances. When […]


By and / 4.9.2010

Thanks to new drilling techniques, U.S. natural gas reserves may have doubled, Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced this week. “That’s a big deal because it will be a transition fuel as we go to renewables,” Chu said at a conference hosted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Chu’s emphasis on natural gas as a bridge […]


By / 4.2.2010

Energy and climate legislation may be stalled in Congress, but President Obama is pressing forward on another crucial, clean energy front. In a historic first, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation yesterday issued rules regulating greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light trucks. In 2007, the Supreme Court had ruled in Massachusetts […]