Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett is a research fellow at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, specializing in broadband networking and Internet policy. He has a 30-year background in network engineering and standards.



By / 11.11.2010

One of the more interesting comments filed with the FCC in its recent Further Inquiry into Two Under-Developed Issues in the Open Internet Proceeding came from a group of illustrious computer industry stalwarts such as Apple hardware designer Steve Wozniak, computer spreadsheet pioneer Bob Frankston, Stupid Network advocate David Isenberg, and former protocol designer David […]


By / 6.2.2010

Congress is gearing up to reopen the Communications Act of 1934 in order to come up with what it hopes will be a better way to make sure as much information flows through the Internet as possible and in a manner fair to consumers, service providers and other stakeholders. During a panel discussion co-sponsored by […]