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By / 10.21.2019

House Democrats last week rolled out a sweeping proposal to transform federal higher education policy. Among the proposals included in the bill is a provision that would make community college free nationwide, an expansion of federal Pell grants, and a new set of policies to hold schools more financially accountable for the outcomes of their graduates. The […]


By / 10.16.2019

House Democrats yesterday introduced major legislation to reauthorize the landmark Higher Education Act. Although reauthorization is long overdue, the new legislation, called the College Affordability Act, proposes mainly marginal improvements to a broken higher education financing system. Moreover, it doesn’t do enough to help people who don’t go to college – the majority of young Americans […]


By / 3.20.2019

A common view among the left is that the “skills gap” – a shortage of workers with the skills employers want – is a mirage. A new PPI report decisively debunks this myth. As author Ryan Craig explains, the skills gap is real: employers are having trouble finding enough workers with digital skills and “soft […]