Steve Norton

Steve Norton is communications director at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation and a former journalist and speechwriter.



By / 12.9.2010

Most Americans appreciate the fact that the world is a very competitive place.  Policy makers and parents have long known that our kids, from grade school through college, need to step up their skills and understanding of science, technology, engineering and math – know in education circles as STEM studies – if they are going […]


By / 10.7.2010

Back in the day, there were no protesters outside corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley, no one had a position on net neutrality because no one knew what is was, and technology journalists were breathlessly trying to keep pace with new technologies and companies instead of holding forth on civil rights and liberties or network engineering […]


By / 5.18.2010

An army of census takers has begun knocking on doors all across the country, following up on the 48 million households who didn’t send in very user-friendly forms in spite of a ubiquitous media campaign. There must a better, cheaper and even safer way to do this. There is. People should be able to respond […]