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By and / 10.7.2011

President Obama’s $447 billion jobs plan includes some constructive – literally – provisions for upgrading America’s economic infrastructure. These shouldn’t be controversial: Who could be against putting people to work rebuilding the rickety foundations of U.S. productivity and competitiveness? Well, Republicans, that’s who. They have dismissed the president’s call for $50 billion in new infrastructure […]


By / 4.22.2011

The greatest irony of Earth Day is that it has become a yearly event that is almost ignored by environmentalists and celebrated mostly by politicians and businesses with green products or PR campaigns. The reason for this is probably best understood by florists, card shops, and restaurants on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day: it is […]


By / 4.6.2011

Brinksmanship is the name of the game in Washington this week. GOP leaders are publicly shifting away from negotiation tactics and turning to endgame spin strategy in advance of a government shutdown, while President Obama continues working to secure a deal without staking out an early position in the blame game that’s soon to follow. […]


By / 3.15.2011

Showing the kind of bipartisan leadership that has become all too rare these days, Senators John Kerry and Kay Bailey Hutchison have announced a new proposal to improve the way we fund infrastructure and unlock hundreds of billions in much-needed financing for new projects across the country. Their bill has one of those great acronym-friendly […]

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By / 3.8.2011

This piece was originally posted at National Journal’s Energy and Environment Expert Blog Asking what our energy mix will be three decades from now is exactly the right question to reframe the debate about our national energy policies—or lack thereof. Most of our discussions would be a lot more productive if advocates for different approaches […]


By / 1.27.2011

As often happens with State of the Union addresses, President Obama’s speech left a lot of D.C. pundits and policy types unsatisfied and complaining that he didn’t lay out enough specifics, or that he didn’t use clear enough language to endorse one policy proposal or another. And for some of the areas that he breezed […]


By / 12.13.2010

With Congress about to enact a massive new tax package that may be the last attempt we make at any kind of fiscal stimulus anytime soon, what other approaches should we be looking to for the long-term changes we need to regain our economic vitality? In this morning’s Post, Senator Mark Warner offers an answer […]