Taylor Miller-Freutel

Taylor Miller Freutel is the Education Project Manager for the Progressive Policy Institute. Taylor’s passion for education reform began when her father was the president of her school board during high school; education is an important part of her family. Her work for Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential Campaign, and later her experiences on Capitol Hill, drove her to pursue public policy as a means to ensuring all students had access to a high quality education. Taylor attended Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) hearings and conducted research for Congressman Jared Polis’s education team, which included the GREAT Act, the Race to the Top Act of 2013, and the Student Non-Discrimination Act. Taylor’s decision to gain a deeper understanding of education on the ground led her to the NewSchools Venture Fund DC team. As a member of the NewSchools’ team, her responsibilities included relationship building with funders and school leaders, operational management across the team, and thought partnership for strategy and growth of the portfolio.

Taylor earned a BA in Political Science and a BS in Business Administration from University of Mary Washington. Although Taylor is currently living in Washington DC, she will always represent her home state of Colorado and the next Super Bowl champions, the Denver Broncos.



Charters offer students over the age of 18 an alternative path to graduating high school When people think about education, they usually focus on kindergarten through 12th grade, or perhaps higher education. But there are more than 30 million adults without high school diplomas, and the publicly funded adult education system can serve only two million […]


The U.S. Senate will soon vote on the nomination of Betsy DeVos, and it appears the vote may be a 50-50 tie, in which case Vice President Pence will break the tie. We believe DeVos’s confirmation would be a mistake, and we urge senators to vote against it. She supports the idea that every student […]


By / 1.31.2017

Kudos to Governor Andrew Cuomo for proposing that the New York State legislature abolish the charter schools cap that limits the sector’s expansion in New York City. As a group, the city’s charters have long been high performers. Despite opposition from adults in the system – particularly the teachers’ union – we must never lose […]


By / 12.1.2016

Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s pick to be his Secretary of Education, is often described as a champion of school choice. Progressives should know that she defines “school choice” in ways that undermine public accountability and blur the crucial distinction between public and private education. “We think of the educational choice movement as involving many parts: […]