William Marshall

William Marshall, a third-year student at the University of Virginia, is a PPI intern.



By / 6.18.2019

Unlike such polarizing issues as health care, immigration and climate change, repairing and updating our economic infrastructure is something both parties say they are for. Yet somehow our political leaders can’t get the job done. President Trump often complains about the shabby state of America’s airports, highways and railways. “The only one to fix the […]


By / 2.15.2019

By declaring a national emergency to build a border wall, President Trump has crossed the Rubicon. He has turned a cheap partisan stunt into a bona fide Constitutional crisis. Congress this week declined to give Trump all the money he demanded to wall off Mexico from the United States. The president has declared an emergency […]


By / 8.23.2013

Everyone is abuzz about 3D printing. President Obama gave it a shout out in his most recent State of the Union address. The Economist hailed it as a harbinger of a “3rd industrial revolution.” UPS is putting 3D printers in its retail stores. Some analysts think it’s the key to reviving advanced manufacturing in America. […]