The Permanent Campaign: Senate Prez Possibilities Give Cromnibus Wide Berth

By / 12.15.2014

The “Cromnibus” bill (the FY 2015 omnibus appropriations bill with two months of funding for the Department of Homeland Security) cleared the Senate on Saturday by a relatively comfortable 56-40 vote (after an even more spacious 77-19 margin for cloture), it’s interesting that solons with reported interest in high office mostly gave the legislation a wide berth.

Among the Republicans most often “mentioned” as potential 2016 presidential candidates, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio all voted against the bill and before that against cloture.  Only John Thune, mysteriously a continuing presidential favorite inside the Beltway (and one who hasn’t taken himself out of contention) voted for the bill.

Among Democrats, Elizabeth Warren obviously opposed the bill (and less obviously cloture), and was joined on both votes by “mentioned” Democrats Bernie Sanders and Sherrod Brown.

There’s one other vote of particular interest: Cory Booker, often “mentioned” as a future presidential candidate, though probably further down the road than 2016, voted “nay” on the bill (though not on cloture).  Booker has frequently been criticized for being too cozy with Wall Street interests.  He’s now supplied a contrary data point.  But in a floor speech on the bill, Booker (a former mayor) emphasized even more the bill’s interference with D.C.’s home-rule prerogatives in legalizing cannabis possession and home-growing.