By / 4.5.2020

For many of us, the coronavirus calamity is a humbling reminder of all we don’t know and can’t control. But for the ax-grinders, hobby-horse riders and zealous partisans among us, it’s just another opportunity to advance pet causes. So from certain right-wing politicians and propagandists, we get the lunatic theory that the pandemic is a Democratic or […]

By / 4.3.2020

The $2.2 trillion Corona Aid, Relief, and Economic Securities (CARES) Act appropriated $30.75 billion for education—almost half of which will flow to “Local Education Agencies.” These LEAs include both school districts and many charter schools or networks. But charter laws differ from state to state, and many charter schools authorized by school districts do not […]

By / 4.2.2020

Expanding Postal Voting to Preserve Democratic Institutions During the COVID-19 Crisis The recent outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States has caused an untold amount of economic, political and social disruption. Trillions of dollars in economic activity has been lost, and in the first week of the crisis 3.3 million workers reported being laid off1. […]

By / 4.2.2020

In our previous blog post, we wrote about the importance of keeping the food/essentials supply chains open. With hundreds of millions of Americans stuck at home, having a dependable source of food is essential to avoid panic and to stay the course on social distancing. That’s not optional. We equally stressed the importance of the […]

By / 3.31.2020

This very unique crisis is creating very unique problems. One is how to get food and other essentials from warehouses all over the country into stores and delivered to people’s homes. This is not optional. The supply chain cannot shut down. Americans are confined to their homes, watching the rising tide of deaths. It’s an […]

By / 3.30.2020

Lest anyone still thinks the teachers union in Los Angeles cares a whit about school children, its president, Alex Caputo-Pearl, has again demanded that L.A. Unified School District block any expansion of charter schools. These schools educate almost a quarter of Los Angeles County’s public school students—and do it far more effectively than district-operated schools. […]

By / 3.27.2020

Get ready for the biggest economic and financial roller coaster of all time.  Policymakers in the United States and around the world are opening up the monetary spigots full bore and limbering up spending packages on an unimaginable scale. This comes after more than a decade of low interest rates. In the United States,  Congress […]