By / 2.12.2020

President Trump, in yesterday’s 2021 budget address, called for cutting the U.S. Department of Education budget by 8 percent. That is obviously terrible, but it is, at least, less than the 12 percent he wanted to axe in 2019 or the 10 percent reduction he called for in 2020. Slashing eight percent of the federal […]

By / 2.12.2020

The failure of the app intended to collect results from the Democratic caucuses in Iowa wasn’t the best advertisement for the App Economy. But we have to remember that apps play a central role in the economy. As part of a global project measuring the size of the App Economy, we estimated the U.S. App […]

By / 2.10.2020

Nearly three years ago, the earliest iteration of the Neoliberal Project came about. It was in the form of a forum where economics undergraduate students could gather to discuss economics and the policy implications of the field. We called the forum r/neoliberal. We didn’t name our forum that to make a political statement from the […]

By / 2.5.2020

In a perfect example of unintended consequences, restaurant workers are pushing back against a nationwide campaign by labor advocates intended to raise their wages. They worry that the advocates’ push will cost them more in lost tips than they’ll gain in mandated wage increases – and cut their income overall.  These workers have found an […]

By / 2.4.2020

“The PPI community mourns the death last week of Jim Kiss. Jim was “present at the creation” of PPI in 1989. He served not only as a founding member of our Board of Trustees but also as an enthusiastic recruiter of other prominent figures. Jim was the quintessential “New Democrat” – optimistic, forward-looking, pragmatically progressive […]

By / 1.9.2020

Ben Ritz, the Director of PPI’s Center for Funding America’s Future, presented to students during two breakout sessions at the New England College Convention in Manchester, New Hampshire this week. The first session was a joint presentation about the national debt as an intergenerational issue with Bob Bixby from The Concord Coalition and Brian Riedl from the Manhattan Institute. The panelists […]

By / 1.9.2020

The Democratic presidential field continues to be in flux, with Julian Castro dropping out and Michael Bloomberg ramping up his campaign. Participation in the January 14th debate is, as of yesterday, limited to just five candidates. Those five — Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Bernie Sanders — have hit the polling and […]