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By / 3.12.2020

It turns out that the digital infrastructure was far more ready for disaster than the health infrastructure. Led by Google, AT&T, and Amazon, the top ten American tech and broadband companies have spent over $300 billion in capital investment in the past two years (the rest of the top ten, in alphabetical order, includes Apple, Charter, […]

By / 3.9.2020

It’s the S-word–shortages. The greatest manufacturing nation in the world, but we can’t make enough masks and other protective gear for our frontline healthcare workers? The coronavirus crisis points out what many of us already knew–globalization is not enough to provide the flexibility and surge response that the U.S. needs. Apparently in medical emergencies,  countries […]

By / 3.2.2020

As economists who care about inequality, we cheer when Amazon and other ecommerce sellers open up new fulfillment centers in areas where job growth has been slow and opportunities limited. In fact, we have pointed out in the past that because these mammoth centers require large amounts of land and good road connections, they are […]

By / 12.2.2019

Despite all his bluster, the “Trump Trade Deficit” widened to a new record in the third quarter of 2019.  The non-oil merchandise trade deficit hit $1.047 trillion in the third quarter of 2019, in 2012 dollars (annual rate). That’s according to PPI calculations based on new data released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis on […]

By / 10.22.2019

This is the second in our series of posts on “The Next Ten Million Jobs,” the types of jobs being created between now and 2030, based on the latest BLS employment projections. In our first post we looked at the importance of healthcare and social assistance jobs for driving employment growth between now and 2030. […]

By / 9.5.2019

In this note we update our previous estimates of European App Economy jobs. Our latest research estimates that the EU-28 countries (plus Norway and Switzerland)  have 2.093 million App Economy jobs as of July 2019.  That’s up 27% from the 1.642 million jobs that we estimated for January 2016 in our first European App Economy […]

By / 9.2.2019

In this note we update our previous estimates of U.S. App Economy jobs. Our latest research estimates that the U.S. has 2.246 million App Economy jobs as of April 2019.  That’s up 30% from 1.729 million that we estimated for December 2016 in our previous report (released May 2017). That figure translates into a 12% […]