By / 6.17.2020

On Tuesday, the EU announced it had opened two antitrust investigations into Apple — one concerning the company’s mobile payment system, Apple Pay, the other looking into Apple’s conduct in managing its App Store and how it treats third party developers. For some apps, Apple requires developers to use its proprietary in-app purchase system and […]

By / 6.17.2020

States and localities are proceeding with “opening” their economies despite the fact that most states have not met the re-opening criteria put forward by the White House. In order to head off spikes in cases, states and localities will need aggressive testing, contact tracing, and isolation programs. Testing is only as good as what you do with that […]

By / 6.17.2020

Community Health Centers (CHCs) have an important role to play in SARS-CoV-2 response. CHCs are community-based and organizations that provide primary care, mental health care and even dental care to populations with limited access to health care. Both House and Senate members are pushing leadership (Senate, House) to include increased funding for CHCs in the next relief package. […]

By / 6.12.2020

Join Paul Weinstein, Jr., Senior Fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., and Joanne Gaskin, Vice President of Scores and Analytics at FICO, for a discussion on the changes FICO has made to its models, and how they may impact credit scores, particularly for millennials and GenZ. Or listen to the full audio here without […]

By / 6.10.2020

As COVID-19 takes its toll across a divided nation, bad economic news is pouring in from every corner of the country. Vice President Biden has been here before. He campaigned with President Obama in 2008 as the U.S. economy and Wall Street collapsed. This time, however, it’s Biden’s turn to pick a running mate. Should he claim […]

By / 6.5.2020

This week has been a turning point in the United States. I want to make sure you see PPI President and Founder Will Marshall’s statement on the killing of George Floyd, and the commitment PPI is taking to come up with new ideas to fight systemic racism in the United States. The coronavirus pandemic has had a […]

This is a guest column by Ryan Craig. My stepsister is a lovely person, but she has the great misfortune of being named Karen. When she was born back in 1971, Karen was the 15th most popular name for girls. No one’s exactly sure when the name Karen began to go downhill – my guess […]