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By and / 5.21.2014

Regulatory accumulation threatens the pace of innovation and growth in America, yet previous attempts to address it have proven unsuccessful. That is why we propose a new approach through the creation of a Regulatory Improvement Commission, which we argue is both politically and technically feasible. This institutional innovation for paring down redundant and outdated rules […]

By / 2.13.2014

A Regulatory Improvement Commission would solve the issue of regulatory accumulation, the layering on year after year, of new rules atop old ones. The fundamental problem is not that government keeps creating new rules, but that it never rescinds old ones. As a result, U.S. businesses and entrepreneurs are enmeshed in an ever-growing web of […]

By / 9.4.2013

Last week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie blasted the Small Business Administration for being a “disaster” in providing disaster relief to New Jersey’s businesses after Hurricane Sandy. At issue? According to the Governor, SBA’s disaster loan programs were too complicated for residents and business owners that needed a fast, simple funding stream to recover and […]

By / 7.30.2013

Today Senators King and Blunt introduced the Regulatory Improvement Act of 2013, which “would create a Regulatory Improvement Commission to review outdated regulations with the goal of modifying, consolidating, or repealing regulations in order to reduce compliance costs, encourage growth and innovation, and improve competitiveness.” The framework for this new commission is modeled after PPI’s […]

By / 6.6.2013

Including yesterday’s appointment of Jeffrey Chiesa, there have been 21 gubernatorial appointments to fill U.S. Senate seats since 1993 — nine resulting from deaths and 12 from resignations. So how does the New Jerseyan fit into the overall pattern? In 18 of the 20 appointments before Chiesa, the newly named Senators were of the same […]

By / 4.19.2013

President Obama’s new budget attempts to define a progressive alternative to conservative demands for a politics of austerity. Having just returned from a gathering of center-left parties in Copenhagen, I can report that European progressives are wrestling with the same challenge, and are reaching similar conclusions. There was wide agreement that the wrong answer is […]

Lindsay Lewis writes in the Daily Beast that the real corruption in Congress is facilitated by congressional staff whose main goal is to keep their boss and donors happy: The House of Representatives in the 112th Congress has earned its single digit approval rating with aplomb. Gridlock, brinksmanship, mistrust, and meaningless partisan votes make today’s […]

By / 8.16.2012

As the presidential candidates debate the fate of Medicare, it’s worth noting a very simple fact: Mitt Romney paid only 0.07% of his income in Medicare taxes in 2010. By comparison, the typical American worker paid 1.45% of his or her income in Medicare taxes plus an equal amount paid by the employer. In other […]

Will Marshall compiled four positive economic stories for Real Clear Politics that President Obama should be making better use of in his campaign for re-election. From farming to exports there are positive signs in the economy according to Marshall. Despite a string of doleful job and sales reports, there are signs that America is starting […]

By / 5.18.2012

This week’s major down-ballot contest was in Nebraska’s Republican Senate primary, where State Senator Deb Fischer came from far behind to beat the long-time front-runner, Attorney General Jon Bruning, along with “movement conservative” favorite, State Treasurer Don Stenberg. Despite some media treatment of the outcome as another “conservative insurgent” victory over an “establishment moderate,” it’s […]