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You can say one thing with certainty about health-care politics and the 2020 election: President Trump and Republicans still want to take away people’s health insurance. If they get their way, millions of Americans would lose coverage under the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid, and many more would be stuck with skimpier health insurance. That’s […]

By / 3.11.2020

This paper discusses possible solutions to the problem of excess out-of-pocket drug costs. We argue that allowing consumers to receive drug rebates directly at the “point-of-sale,” rather than indirectly and opaquely through insurers and pharmacy benefit managers, will help make the healthcare system simpler and fairer. Like clockwork, Congress holds hearings featuring Americans, both young […]

By and / 10.31.2019

Americans are drowning in debt, both privately and collectively. Last summer, the national debt topped $22 trillion. On the private side, total U.S. household debt hit $13.6 trillion in 2019 – driven by higher student loan, credit card, mortgage, and auto loan debt. 


By / 11.20.2019

The debate over “Medicare for All” has sucked the oxygen from many other important health policy issues. Though 28 million Americans lack health insurance in the United States, there is an untold crisis of more than four times that population — 114 million Americans — without dental coverage. Millions of Americans are suffering from decaying […]

By / 10.2.2019

Americans spend more money on health care because prices are higher here than anywhere else in the world. Our system is fraught with waste, our providers (physicians and hospitals) are paid more; and goods like biopharmaceuticals and medical devices are more expensive. On average, U.S. hospital prices are 60 percent higher than countries in Europe and physicians make twice as much as their […]

By / 8.21.2019

A new report from the Congressional Budget Office projects federal budget deficits between 2019 and 2029 to be $872 billion higher than was projected just three months ago. As a result, Donald Trump will be forced to campaign for re-election next year with his government running a trillion-dollar deficit. Democrats should hold the “king of debt” accountable […]


By / 3.15.2020

Can we expect the biopharma folks to quickly find a good treatment for COVID-19? Is it time to bust up regulatory barriers holding back innovation? In March 1997, BusinessWeek magazine, now part of Bloomberg,  ran a cover story entitled “The Biotech Century.” The cover language, in part, said “Thanks to fundamental advances in genetics, biology […]

By / 3.13.2020

In recent years I have repeatedly demonstrated that the cost of labor is the main driving force behind rising health care costs in the U.S. ( for example, here). The US health care workforce has grown far faster than the population, even adjusting for aging.  Meanwhile cost control efforts have focused on areas like pharmaceuticals […]

By / 3.12.2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 (commonly known as coronavirus) has created a global market downturn and raised the prospect that the United States could enter its first recession since the 2008 financial crisis. Last night, President Donald Trump and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered two competing approaches for securing both the health and economic security […]