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By / 7.6.2020

As federal and state governments outline plans for reopening the economy, lawmakers will have to grapple with the challenge of getting tens of millions of Americans back to work as quickly as possible. More than 47 million Americans have filed for unemployment since the pandemic began, with the unemployment rate at 13.3 percent in May. The economic damage has […]

By / 6.24.2020

At the end of next month, several economic support programs created by the CARES Act in March will expire. House Democrats have moved to extend and expand these supports through January 2021 with the $3 trillion HEROES Act. Senate Republicans, however, have used fiscal cost as a pretext to oppose or scale back this and other potential future […]

By / 6.8.2020

As governors start lifting stay-at-home orders, businesses, schools, non-profits and houses of worship are trying to figure out how to reopen safely. A driving concern for many employers has been the fear of getting slapped with lawsuits if their workers or customers contract COVID-19. It’s a reasonable fear; the pandemic is already inflaming America’s legendary […]

By / 5.15.2020

The U.S. House of Representatives is moving ahead with plans to vote today on the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act: the fifth – and potentially final – piece of major legislation addressing the coronavirus pandemic and its economic effects. The 1800-page bill is estimated to cost roughly $3 trillion and contains a mix […]

By / 5.12.2020

The pandemic’s impact on the economy is the equivalent of scrambling the pieces of a puzzle and then trying to put it back together in a new shape. But one thing is clear: the U.S. economy needs shorter supply chains that can react more quickly in crisis situations.  Our inability to generate enough personal protective […]

By / 4.24.2020

Yesterday, the WSJ published an investigation with the headline: “Amazon Scooped Up Data From Its Own Sellers to Launch Competing Products.” As the article notes, in a Congressional hearing last year, an Amazon associate general counsel said, “We don’t use individual seller data directly to compete” with businesses on the company’s platform. The reporter for […]

By / 2.19.2020

It’s too early to predict the fallout from the Houston Astros cheating scandal. But one thing is already clear: The players who participated and drove the signal-stealing scheme will not be fined or suspended. Following an internal investigation, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred concluded that with the wide scope of players involved, and the reality that many have […]