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By / 12.19.2017

It’s been a surreal political year, but PPI has much to celebrate this holiday season. Throughout 2017, we expanded our productive capacity and the scope of our political and media outreach significantly. For example, PPI organized 150 meetings with prominent elected officials; visited 10 state capitals and 10 foreign capitals, published an influential book and […]

By / 6.1.2015

PPI Senior Fellow Anne Kim wrote an opinion piece for The Washington Post comparing liberal versus moderate Democratic campaign spending. Her analysis shows in the past three election cycles, self-described moderate lawmakers spent roughly twice as much as their liberal counterparts to win or defend their seats. In 2014, moderates outspent their liberal colleagues by […]

By / 6.13.2014

The release of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new book once again underscores the unending interest in her as a 2016 candidate. But just what is it that makes her such a formidable front-runner? One important answer is that although Hillary is not the first presidential candidate to be perceived as an heir apparent, as a standard-bearer, […]

By / 4.20.2014

It’s not unusual for Britain, ahead of a national election, to be swarming with American political consultants. What is odd is seeing top members of President Obama’s political team deploy to opposite sides in the coming battle. David Axelrod, Obama’s chief consigliere, has just signed on to help Labour craft its strategy for next year’s […]

PPI’s executive director Lindsay Lewis, and PPI Fellow Jim Arkedis, explain how conservative super PACs will likely wage a voter suppression war in November over at the New York Times:   The grip of the super PAC on the Republican primary season has been well-documented. They are wrecking balls operating outside the candidates’ direct control, […]