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By / 12.19.2017

It’s been a surreal political year, but PPI has much to celebrate this holiday season. Throughout 2017, we expanded our productive capacity and the scope of our political and media outreach significantly. For example, PPI organized 150 meetings with prominent elected officials; visited 10 state capitals and 10 foreign capitals, published an influential book and […]

By / 12.8.2017

Why is the decision to promote competition in the credit scoring model industry complicated? At first blush it would seem to make perfect sense. More competition could lead to lower costs for those who use the scores. Furthermore, it might increase the likelihood that some qualified individuals — who may not be approved for a […]

Simplicity is one of Bernie Sanders’ great strengths: Corporations and the rich have rigged the economy. His solutions sound simple, even when the plans behind them are complicated: college for all, health care for all, tax the rich, break up big banks. He trails Hillary Clinton in presidential delegates to this point, and he remains […]

In USA Today, Sam Zuckerman discusses the explosion of tech jobs and their impact on urban areas. While Zukerman notes the ability of tech jobs to bring economic growth to cities, he also highlights the negatives that come with the tech economy, primarily the increasingly high cost of housing that forces long-term resdients to move […]

Writing for Triangle Business Journal, Sarah Chaney quotes PPI Economist Diana Carew on North Carolina’s higher rate of homeownership among Millennials.  As the article describes, North Carolina has created an attractive economic climate, drawing in more first-time home owners than other states. According to Carew, this is a trend that will continue in North Carolina […]

In Bloomberg, “Millenials Seen Surging as Homeowners in U.S.: Mortgages,” Alexis Leondis and Shobana Chandra’s look at the difficulties facing young Americans aspiring to be homeowners in today’s economy. Economist Diana Carew at PPI is quoted on the future prospects of millennial homeownership throughout the United States. Cities in Texas and North Carolina, where the […]

USA Today‘s Darrell Delamaide quoted PPI’s Jason Gold on GSE reform. He recalled the debate over the future of the two government-controlled entities that back most mortgages today — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — caused by the new bipartisan Senate bill that would wind down and replace Fannie and Freddie with a complex mix […]

In the New York Times Lisa Prevost  referenced PPI Senior Fellow Jason R. Gold’s proposal to mitigate the inequitable access to loans in the conventional market between minority applicants and nonminority applicants. The statistics show that Black and Hispanic applicants are far more likely to be turned down and that they are opting for F.H.A. […]

By / 10.23.2013

After the country (and the world) witnessed the debacle of the government shutdown, most Americans are now convinced there isn’t a thing policymakers in Washington truly agree on. Only the threat of a global economic calamity in the form of a debt ceiling breach forced Congress to agree on reopening the federal government. But while […]

By / 8.28.2013

Last week, I argued against Congressional proposals to “get government out of housing” by killing government backed mortgage firms Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Now comes fresh evidence that buttresses my view that the private sector just isn’t ready to take up the slack if the two mortgage giants are eliminated. This week, Redwood Trust, one of […]