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By / 4.10.2018

It’s not surprising that at a time when it’s hard to trust Facebook, the president and Congress that truths we once found self-evident have given way to disbelief. Many Americans have discarded once taken-for-granted beliefs in democracy, science, God, hard work, reputable information, patriotism, marriage and good manners. Some of these currents cross class, age […]

By / 12.19.2017

It’s been a surreal political year, but PPI has much to celebrate this holiday season. Throughout 2017, we expanded our productive capacity and the scope of our political and media outreach significantly. For example, PPI organized 150 meetings with prominent elected officials; visited 10 state capitals and 10 foreign capitals, published an influential book and […]

By / 12.13.2016

Uber, NYC Human Resources Administration, United Way of NYC, and Hunger Free America Join PPI to Promote New Report NEW YORK CITY—The Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) today was joined by technology, government, and anti-poverty leaders at a public event to release a new report by Hunger Free America CEO Joel Berg, Fighting Poverty with HOPE. […]

By / 8.29.2016

Twenty years ago this month, President Bill Clinton signed a landmark bill fulfilling his pledge to “end welfare as we know it.” It was the biggest change Clinton made in national policy, and it lanced a political boil that had vexed Americans for a generation. Both accomplishments, substantive and political, are worth celebrating today as […]

By / 7.6.2016

With so much ink spilled on the prospects of a Trump presidency, far less attention is being devoted to the more likely scenario of a Hillary Clinton presidency. When there has been sustained speculation, it’s typically been either biographical or ideological: how would her storied professional and personal life, or her sometimes unclear political beliefs, shape […]

By / 5.7.2015

Public education in Detroit, where 57 percent of children live below the poverty line, is a mess. Detroit Public Schools, which ranked last out of 21 large districts on the 2013 National Assessment of Education Progress tests, is almost bankrupt, shrinking so fast it has about a third of the students it had a decade […]

PPI Chief Economic Strategist Michael Mandel and Economist Diana Carew’s new report, Tech Opportunity for Minorities and Women: A Good News, Bad News Story, was featured in the Wall Street Journal on the growth in employment for minorities the tech labor market. “Tech jobs are growing faster and are more diverse than people think,” said […]

By / 3.12.2015

This week, Hillary Clinton garnered huge media coverage of her remarks at the United Nations. Yet the truly important comments she made didn’t involve email accounts, but rather “the great unfinished business of the 21st century.” At the outset of the annual two-week session of the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women, Clinton […]

By / 3.11.2015

The collapse of marriage in our poorest communities — and its tragic impact — is a familiar story. But increasingly, marriage is becoming a marker of class privilege in America, something increasingly reserved for the affluent. If progressives want to tackle the scourge of inequality, then the retreat from marriage is an issue they can’t […]

By / 11.10.2014

Electoral defeats are painful, but clarifying. As Democrats survey the damage left by a larger-than-expected Republican wave, it’s possible to discern four signposts on the road to a progressive recovery. First, the party needs to start working on a post-Obama agenda. Anti-Obama sentiment engulfed Democratic candidates everywhere, dragging red-state senators underwater and nearly drowning seemingly […]