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By / 4.6.2020

The Trump administration prepares for the best instead of the worst. During a period of economic growth, instead of preparing for an inevitable downturn, the administration pushed through large tax cuts that benefited corporations and the wealthiest individuals, driving up federal deficits. And after the Ebola outbreak subsided, rather than preparing for a new global health […]

By / 3.27.2020

Washington is finally responding with force to the coronavirus outbreak. This week, Congress agreed to the largest economic relief package in U.S. history to support families and businesses whose finances have been devastated by the crisis. These measures and more are essential for supporting public health efforts to contain the virus and preventing long-term damage to the […]

By / 3.26.2020

After several days of negotiations, the U.S. Senate is voting tonight on a third bill to combat the coronavirus crisis. Whereas the first two bills focused on funding medical research and providing economic support to victims of the virus, the “Phase 3” stimulus bill is a massive rescue package for the broader American economy. It would cost over […]

By / 3.23.2020

After Joe Biden’s strong debate performance on March 15 and third straight huge primary night two days later, it is increasingly obvious he will be the Democratic nominee. Even without the Ohio vote, the March 17 primaries all but sealed the deal, with sweeping wins in Florida, Illinois and Arizona giving Biden a 300 delegate lead, […]

By / 3.20.2020

Sen. Bernie Sanders has signaled his imminent departure from the nomination contest. His sooner-than-expected exit frees presumptive nominee Joe Biden to fire up his general election campaign to defeat President Trump in November. Except that the coronavirus pandemic has put presidential politics in suspended animation, along with the economy and almost every other aspect of […]

By / 3.20.2020

Addressing the media alongside the coronavirus task force on Thursday, Donald Trump said he would “slash red tape like nobody has even done it before” to get approval for coronavirus treatments. That would be a welcome development indeed. What’s unfortunate is that there was no similar push at the beginning of the crisis to expedite coronavirus testing. […]

By / 3.20.2020

Small businesses are hurting everywhere and the pain is only going to intensify. What about new businesses? Will anyone start a new company during the COVID-19 crisis and emerging recession? History says yes: several years ago we did an analysis at the Kauffman Foundation that found that over half the companies on the Fortune 500 list had been founded during […]