WASHINGTON— The Neoliberal Project, a fast-growing network of young pragmatists, is joining forces with the Progressive Policy Institute. “Over the last several years, we have built the Neoliberal Project into an online community of politically engaged young individuals who are pushing back against the ideological extremes that put our country in peril,” said Colin Mortimer, […]

By / 2.2.2020

Senate Republicans turned President Trump’s impeachment trial into a farcical exercise in partisan whitewashing. That leaves the job of canceling Trump’s reality show presidency to U.S. voters. A heavy responsibility thus lies on Democratic caucus and primary voters as they start selecting their party’s nominee next week. If they make the wrong choice, it means four […]

By / 1.31.2020

With partisan divisions as deep as ever, both sides can agree on one thing: Everybody wants to avoid another financial crisis. And forecasters have recently identified subprime auto loans as an existential threat to the economy. The headlines are eye-catching and scary: “A $45,000 Loan for a $27,000 Ride: More Borrowers Are Going Underwater on […]

By / 1.30.2020

Australia’s raging infernos, like our Western wildfires and more devastating storms, prefigure a darker climate future for all of us without urgent action. But for President Donald Trump, the climate crisis is just another opportunity to stoke anger among the American people and further divide us. Trump has undermined every climate protection possible, not out […]

By / 1.30.2020

The leading Democratic candidates for president have each made dozens of policy promises to voters over the past year as they campaigned for the opportunity to challenge President Trump in November. With the Iowa caucuses taking place next week, now is the right time to evaluate how these proposals add up: which candidates have given […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 30, 2020 Contact: or 202-525-3931 How The Democratic Presidential Candidates Would Fund America’s Future   WASHINGTON— Just days before the crucial Iowa caucuses on Monday, February 3rd, the Progressive Policy Institute’s Center for Funding America’s Future has released a comprehensive new analysis of the top four candidates’ campaign proposals and how they would finance […]

By / 1.28.2020

Projections published today by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office confirm that the federal government is on course to spend $1 trillion more than it raises in revenue in Fiscal Year 2020. Trillion-dollar deficits continue as far as the eye can see, with CBO estimating a 10-year deficit of over $13 trillion. Legislative changes since August have increased […]