Going Local: Progressive Federalism in the 21st Century

With Washington stalemated by partisanship and polarization, the most important governing innovations today are happening in America’s metro regions. PPI advocates for a new “progressive federalism” that decentralizes political power and resources to metro leaders.

PPI’s Going Local project works with progressive Mayors and metro leaders around the country to furnish answers to these questions. In a series of brainstorming sessions, we are gathering inspiring stories of metro governing success, and identifying ways that the federal and state governments make success more difficult. Ultimately, the project will develop a concrete action agenda for a new progressive federalism – specific recommendations for policy changes at the federal and state level that can empower local leaders. Another key goal is to encourage metro leaders to take collective political action to become a more cohesive force for pragmatic reforms.


By and / 11.14.2018

The Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) today released a national opinion survey that highlights the surprising resilience of America’s pragmatic political center two years into Donald Trump’s deeply polarizing presidency. The poll reinforces a key takeaway from the 2018 midterm elections: Suburban voters – especially women – are repelled by the president’s racial and cultural demagoguery […]

By / 8.8.2018

In 2011, Sly James won election to his first term as mayor of Kansas City, Mo. Within roughly 48 hours of his victory, he was swept into a meeting room to close a long anticipated deal: the approval of an agreement to make the City of Fountains the site of the first Google Fiber ultra-highspeed […]

By / 8.8.2018

Charlotte is one of the high- growth “winner metros” of the Sun Belt – a banking capital with a sparkling downtown (the locals actually call it Uptown); major-league sports; and an expanding, increasingly diverse population. While that growth has brought significant benefits, it has also presented challenges.


By / 11.1.2018

Federalism – the division of sovereign authority among three separate levels of government (local, state and national) – is a distinctive feature of American democracy. The interplay between the three levels has profoundly shaped our country’s political, economic and social development. During the 19th Century, progressive democrats like Jefferson and Jackson regarded the states as […]

By / 9.2.2018

More bureaucracies in Washington won’t do much to improve lives. The public-sector success stories of today are the nimble and innovative metro regions. “Go West, young man,” New York Tribune editor Horace Greeley famously urged soldiers coming home from the Civil War and wondering what to do with the rest of their lives. In that […]

By and / 6.2.2017

Donald Trump made political hay in Appalachian and industrial states by running as an ardent booster of coal. Yet what’s really powered America’s remarkable energy boom over the last decade is shale oil and natural gas, renewable solar and wind, clean-tech and energy efficiency. Energy innovation, in short, is the key to creating more good […]


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