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Policy Memo

By / 3.14.2018

U.S. social policy traditionally has emphasized supporting income for low-income families, to the neglect of wealth-building strategies.1 While income supports are essential for covering daily expenses, upward mobility depends on saving and building personal assets, especially completing post-secondary education, purchasing a home, or creating a business.2 Moreover, inequality of wealth in America is worse than […]

Policy Memo

By / 11.30.2017

For many Americans, self-employment and running  a small business can be an important pathway to the middle class, yet accessing credit to start or grow a business is more difficult, and potentially even more dangerous, than most realize. While banks have historically provided the majority of small business credit in the United States, and still […]

Political Memo

By / 3.15.2016

As Americans choose a new president in 2016, populist anger dominates the campaign. To hear Donald Trump or Senator Bernie Sanders tell it, America is either a global doormat or a sham democracy controlled by the “one percent.” These dark narratives are caricatures, but they do stem from a real dilemma: America is stuck in […]

Policy Brief

By / 8.5.2014

Like so many issues in Washington these days, the debate over what to do with the nation’s housing Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE)—Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—has been caught up in the Jihad against the role of government in any form. That’s a shame because last spring, with the announcement from Senate Banking Committee Chairman Tim […]

Policy Brief

By / 7.29.2013

Overhauling the federal tax system is one of the most important steps U.S. political leaders can take to promote economic growth and fairness. It is also that rarest of issues in today’s Washington—one that commands broad support on both sides of the political aisle. For these reasons, the Progressive Policy Institute urges the White House […]

Policy Brief

By / 7.17.2012

Several California counties are considering a controversial proposal to use their eminent domain powers to offer relief to underwater homeowners. The plan is quietly being shopped to counties hit hardest by the housing crisis, and it seems local politicians are listening.“We have a very large problem that’s causing severe economic problems and part of our […]

Policy Memo

By / 3.21.2012

Download the entire memo. President Obama has proposed a National Infrastructure Bank, a simple declarative sentence that left most listeners wondering what he meant. The confusion arises partly because the administration did not follow up the president’s remarks with a specific proposal, but also because the operations of such a bank have never been fully […]

Policy Brief

By and / 10.19.2011

Two years after the meltdown in the nation’s housing market, housing re- mains weak. Home prices fell to a new low in the first quarter of this year— confirming a feared “double-dip” in the market. Prices are now down nearly 33 percent from their high five years ago. With housing and its related industries—construction, home […]