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By / 5.21.2020

Fears about the novel coronavirus, the economy, and prolonged self-isolation are taking a toll on Americans and is making us sick. Calls to the federal mental health crisis hotline have increased 900 percent compared this time last year. Telehealth provides an opportunity for Americans to access mental health and essential primary care providers from their […]

Policy Brief

In pre-coronavirus America, the Democratic primaries were dominated by a contentious debate over how best to achieve universal coverage. The pandemic—with its profound social and economic consequences—has offered us a poignant yet urgent opportunity to move the national debate beyond the narrow focus on universal coverage, to the larger question of how to address the […]

Policy Memo

You can say one thing with certainty about health-care politics and the 2020 election: President Trump and Republicans still want to take away people’s health insurance. If they get their way, millions of Americans would lose coverage under the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid, and many more would be stuck with skimpier health insurance. That’s […]

Policy Brief

By / 3.11.2020

This paper discusses possible solutions to the problem of excess out-of-pocket drug costs. We argue that allowing consumers to receive drug rebates directly at the “point-of-sale,” rather than indirectly and opaquely through insurers and pharmacy benefit managers, will help make the healthcare system simpler and fairer. Like clockwork, Congress holds hearings featuring Americans, both young […]

Policy Brief

By and / 10.31.2019

Americans are drowning in debt, both privately and collectively. Last summer, the national debt topped $22 trillion. On the private side, total U.S. household debt hit $13.6 trillion in 2019 – driven by higher student loan, credit card, mortgage, and auto loan debt. 

Policy Brief

By / 10.29.2019

In this paper we will introduce a new concept, the “prescription escalator.” The prescription escalator is a simple way of summarizing why Americans are so upset about their drug bills. Moreover, we propose solutions for getting Americans off the prescription escalator. Americans know, without a doubt, that their family’s prescription drug costs are rising—and they […]

Policy Brief

By / 9.12.2019

America’s sprawling health care economy faces many vexing challenges. But the root of the problem is simple: Medical care in the United States costs too much. Our overpriced health care system leaves too many uninsured, eats into workers’ wage growth, strains public budgets, and keeps families in fear that one medical emergency will leave them […]