Kane for Medium: “Health care debate heats up in Iowa”

By / 4.16.2019

Last week PPI returned to Des Moines for a second “Conversation with Iowans,” this time about progressive alternatives to nationalized health care. The ideas forum featured former Colorado Gov. and presidential aspirant John Hickenlooper, Theresa Greenfield, a Des Moines business owner, PPI President Will Marshall and yours truly.

A strong turnout and often impassioned debate underscored that health care — the fear of losing it or not being able to afford it — is still a burning issue for Americans, just as it was during last year’s midterm election. Many participants told gut wrenching personal stories about their maddening interactions with our complex and costly health delivery system. One woman, for example, relayed how her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis had led to multiple hospital stays, medical debt, and anxiety every month over covering her insulin costs.


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