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Marshall for The New York Times: Can Democrats Work With Trump?

By / 3.30.2017

WASHINGTON — President Trump has discovered that trying to work with Republicans, like trying to work on health care policy, is complicated. So with all his big campaign pledges in limbo following last week’s Obamacare fiasco, he reportedly is contemplating overtures to a party that actually wants to govern: the Democrats.

This new tack comes, mind you, after Mr. Trump blamed Democrats for refusing to help him and House Speaker Paul Ryan eviscerate Obamacare. With zero support from Democrats, the pair had no margin for error as Republicans started to defect and were forced to pull their bill.

Perhaps it’s beginning to dawn on the president that today’s Republican Party is designed for maximal obstruction and minimal constructive policy making. The rigidly doctrinaire Freedom Caucus essentially has veto power over White House initiatives, while moderates will jump ship if Mr. Trump concedes too much to right-wing purists.

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