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Ritz for Forbes, “Trump Once Again Shows Contempt For Young Americans”

By / 12.6.2018

A new report published by the Daily Beast earlier this week revealed how little President Trump cares about America’s future. When senior administration officials warned Trump about the nation’s growing and unsustainable national debt, the president reportedly expressed little interest in tackling the issue because it wouldn’t create a full-blown crisis until after he is gone from office.

Granted, anyone who paid attention to the first two years of the Trump administration could tell that it doesn’t prioritize fiscal responsibility. Trump’s signature achievement thus far is package of partisan tax cuts that the Congressional Budget Office estimates will add more than $2 trillion to the national debt over the next decade. And its 2018 budget proposal showed that enacting all the administration’s preferred policies would leave the debt significantly larger than it would have been if President Obama’s final budget had been enacted.

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