Bledsoe for Medium: “Trump’s Ukraine-Gate Attacks on Biden Echo Watergate”

By / 10.15.2019

Those viewing and participating in the fourth Democratic debate should ignore the spin, and cut right to the chase. Trump’s Ukraine-gate outrages are about exactly the same thing Watergate was: A corrupt President of the United States illegally attempting to destroy the Democratic presidential candidate he most fears will beat him for re-election.

Remember the famous, frustrated injunction made to Bob Woodward during Watergate by “Deepthroat”, FBI Agent Mark Felt, the original impeachment whistleblower:

You’re missing the overall!” Felt implored Woodward. “They [the Nixon White House] were frightened of Muskie; look who got destroyed. They wanted to run against McGovern; look who they’re running against…”

The media and many in the Democratic Party, too, seem to be “missing the overall.” Trump was out to destroy Biden. Look who’s been falling in the polls. Trump hopes to run against Warren or another candidate that he views as weaker. Looks who’s gaining in the polls. Whichever of the many Democratic legitimate candidates you might support, this influence seems undeniable.

It is, in fact, a hugely troubling sign of how jaded the American polity has become — and how corrupt and amoral the Republican Party now is — that most people don’t seem to recognize the eerie similarity between what Nixon did, and Trump has done.

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