The Mosaic Project

The Mosaic Economic Project brings together a network of diverse women who are experts in economics, finance, technology and corporate governance - fields where women’s and women of color’s perspectives are grossly underrepresented. We train, connect, host and advocate for the network’s participation in meaningful policy influencing conversations, primarily focused on the media and members…

Building American Resilience: A Roadmap for Recovery After COVID-19

The Center for New Liberalism

The Center for New Liberalism is a 21st century organization dedicated to forging a path for liberalism during the age when it is most under attack. To accomplish our mission, we facilitate a vast network of members across the world fighting on behalf of liberal values, create video, audio and social content to spread our…

Center for Civil Justice

America’s civil justice system is a “public good” that should produce predictable, accurate and just results. The PPI Center for Civil Justice seeks to defend the integrity of our legal system from litigation abuse and efforts to bypass legislatures to make policy in the courts. Civil Justice Center Advisory Board

Center for Funding America’s Future

The PPI Center for Funding America’s Future works to promote a fiscally responsible public investment agenda that fosters robust and inclusive economic growth. We tackle issues of public finance in the United States and offer innovative proposals to strengthen the foundation of our economy and build shared prosperity.

Reinventing America’s Schools

America needs a 21st century model of public education geared to the knowledge economy. Charter schools are showing the way, because they provide autonomy for schools, accountability for results, and parental choice among schools tailored to the diverse learning styles of children. David Osborne’s book, Reinventing America’s Schools, explores the new paradigm of public education…

The Mosaic Economic