The Trump Trade Tax Strikes Out America’s Baseball Fans

For millions of American fans, baseball’s All-Star Game is a welcome respite from the day-to-day challenges of budgeting for their families. But, as they watch tonight’s Summer Classic, it will be hard for American consumers and taxpayers to avoid the many reminders of the “Trump Trade Tax” — the higher costs that they’ll pay because of the Trump Administration’s misguided fixation with imposing and proposing damaging import tariffs.

  • Building Costs. The construction cranes looming beyond the outfield at Nationals Park will remind fans that Trump’s tariffs on steel, aluminum, and lumber have raised construction costs—not just for big buildings—but for new homes and home remodeling projects too. And, as taxpayers, they’ll be on the hook as their local and state governments grapple with higher costs for construction and infrastructure.
  • Refrigerators. As they go to their leaky old refrigerator for a pre-game snack, fans will be reminded that a new one will cost more because of the Trump Trade Tax. On top of higher costs from Trump’s aluminum and steel tariffs, his proposed 10 percent tariff on refrigerators from China would raise prices even more.
  • Beers and Cokes. Cold cans of Bud Light and Diet Coke will likely cost more because of Trump’s 10 percent duties on aluminum—a major cost item for American beverage companies.
  • Furniture. As they plop down on their old couch, fans will be reminded that their plans to refurnish the family room will be more expensive if Trump’s proposed duties on furniture and lamps from China go into effect.
  • Washers and Dryers. As they rush between innings to switch laundry from their 15-year-old washer and to their equally old dryer, fans will be reminded that replacing them will cost a lot more—Trump’s tariffs on washers, dryers, steel, and aluminum have caused washer and dryer prices to spike by some 17 percent in just three months.
  • Baseball Gloves and Caps. Even the game itself won’t be an escape from the Trump Trade Tax. As they watch Mike Trout adjust his batting glove, Max Scherzer pound his pitcher’s mitt, or the All-Star players tip their baseball caps to the crowd, fans be reminded that batting gloves, baseball mitts, and baseball caps are among the hundreds of consumer items covered by Trump’s proposed duties on $200 billion in imports from China. Trump’s fans might save a few dollars by wearing their “Make America Great Again” capsBut, if they need a new one, it will likely cost more because of the Trump Trade Tax too.

Enjoy the game!

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