The Mobile ICT Policy symposium – from cases of Japan, US and Europe

15 Nov


15 Nov 10:30 am - 01 Jan 12:00 pm


International Conference Room, Lower House Members Building #1

1 Chome-7-1 Nagatachō, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

The Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) will host the Mobile ICT Policy symposium at the Diet Members’ Office Building on November 15th. This symposium will be co-hosted with Takakazu SETO, Lower House member well-versed in Information and Technology policy in Japan.

Japanese government is now undertaking the initiatives for 2020 Tokyo Olympic games including development of free Wi-Fi platforms, fifth-generation mobile communication systems and the environment to promote MVNO. On the industry side, a number of research and development projects are being carried out in the field of AI, IoT and others in the aim of offering greater convenience to consumers.

Moreover, mobile ICT industry in Japan is one of the key areas for the further growth of the economy, because of the broadness of the industry comprised not only of the network and content services but also of the wide range of technologies for manufacturing smartphone device, camera component, display, and various other electronic parts. Also, the recent discussion on the smartphone costs for consumers is considered as an essential part of Abenomics policies, making the mobile ICT industry take an integral position in the nation’s growth strategy.

The symposium aims discuss the direction of mobile ICT policies by introducing cases of US and Europe, and futher contribute to the development of effective policies in Japan. Because of the timing of the event, we also would like to give a quick report and analysis of the 2016 Presidential election during our symposium program.

We all look forward to your attendance at the symposium.

Date: 10:30AM – 12:00PM, November 15th, 2016
Venue: International Conference Room, Lower House Members Building #1
Event organizer: The Progressive Policy Institute and Takakazu Seto, LDP

10:30-10:35 Opening Remark, Takakazu Seto, LDP
10:35-10:55 Introduction of Dr. Michael Mandel, The Progressive Policy Institute
10:55-11:45 Panel Discussion
Facilitator: Takakzu Seto, LDP
Panelist: Telecommunications Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication
Waichi Sekiguchi, Senior Staff Editor, Nikkei
Dr. Yosuke Yasuda, Osaka University
Dr. Michael Mandel, The Progressive Policy Institute
11:45-11:55 Q&A
11:55-12:00 Closing Remarks

Online registration is not available for this event.