A Conversation on Care in America: Progressive Alternatives to Nationalized Health Care

12 Apr


12 Apr 2:00 pm - 01 Jan 3:00 pm


Des Moines | The Cub Club

1 Line Drive, Des Moines

You’re invited to join former Colorado Governor and 2020 presidential candidate John Hickenlooper and special guests to discuss bringing down health care costs during the 116th Congress.

Health care continues to be top of mind at the kitchen table and on the 2020 campaign trail. But rather than throwing the whole health care system out with the bathwater: Let’s fill in the gaps and build upon what we know is working well.

We acknowledge that different groups have different needs and rather than mandate a one-size fits all approach, we seek to preserve the unique pillars of the system. What needs to be done to move away from fee-for-service, expand coverage to 28 million uninsured Americans, and better integrate technology into care?

Featured Panelists:

John Hickenlooper

Former Colorado Governor and 2020 Presidential Candidate

Theresa Greenfield

Former Congressional Candidate, Small Business Owner

Will Marshall

President and Founder, PPI

Arielle Kane

Director of Health Care, PPI

This even is open to the public. Questions? Press/Media:

Online registration is not available for this event.