A New Vision for Independent Workers: Lessons Learned from California’s Prop 22

10 Dec


10 Dec 3:00 pm - 01 Jan 12:00 am



As America fights COVID-19, and tries to heal the economy, more Americans than ever have turned to independent work to make ends meet. In California—the country’s most progressive big state—voters passed Prop 22, a new vision to keep workers’ independence but add access to benefits. What lessons can be learned from that landslide victory? What were the key arguments—and voter groups—that drove the success of that effort?

Join Alec Stapp, PPI Technology Director and co-author of PPI’s paper, Making the Gig Economy More Resilient, for a conversation with political experts involved in the Prop 22 campaign: 

  • Ruth Bernstein: CEO of EMC Research, pollster for Prop 22

  • Heather Foster: Head of Policy Engagement and Strategic Partnerships, Lyft

  • Hari Sevugan: Political Consultant on Prop 22, former national press secretary to the Democratic National Committee

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