Conversation with Governors Kitzhaber, Markell, and Experts on Value, Costs of Care

15 May


15 May 11:00 am - 01 Jan 12:00 pm



Washington,, D.C.

The coronavirus pandemic has had profound social and economic consequences but it also has moved the national health care debate beyond the narrow focus on universal coverage, to a larger question of how to address the disparities which underlie disease. The current fee-for-service health care payment models means that some people get too little treatment while others get too much care, depending on their insurance coverage (or lack thereof).
On this Friday’s PPI call, we will discuss recent research published by PPI and in The Hill on how to refocus the conversation around increasing the value of care delivered and reducing the total cost of health care.
Changing the way we pay for health care and making it more affordable is the single most complicated public policy challenge we face. Though the issue of cost has always weighed on lawmakers, the economic and health care crisis from COVID-19 adds a level of urgency that can no longer be ignored.
Time: Friday, May 15, 2020 at 11 AM – 12 PM EDT
• John Kitzhaber, MD, former emergency physician, state legislator, and three-term Governor of Oregon.
• Jack Markell served as the 73rd Governor of Delaware from 2009-2017.
• Gerald Anderson, Ph.D. is a professor of health policy and management, international health and medicine, and the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Hospital Finance and Management.
• Arielle Kane, Director of Health Care at PPI
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