Defunding America’s Future

19 Nov


19 Nov 5:30 pm - 01 Jan 7:00 pm


Jon M. Huntsman Hall

3730 Walnut St, Philadelphia

Committee of Seventy, Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative and Progressive Policy Institute hosted a panel to discuss a new PPI report on how short-sighted fiscal policy is undermining critical investments in education, infrastructure and scientific research that are integral to the long-term health of our economy. The report highlights the demographic challenges that are creating a growing mismatch between revenues and spending, the misguided cuts to public investment our leaders have been imposing, instead of addressing the underlying problem and the consequences these actions have for the next generation. Read the full report here.

The panelists included author of the PPI report, Ben Ritz, respected Wharton professor Dr. Robert Inman and Rep. Madeline Dean. David Thornburgh, CEO of Committee of Seventy, will serve as the moderator. Watch the event here:

Online registration is not available for this event.