Modernizing America’s Infrastructure: What Are We Waiting For?

31 May


31 May 8:30 am - 01 Jan 9:30 am


Van G. Miller Adult Learning Center

120 Jefferson Street, Waterloo

Nothing better illustrates the political dysfunction in Washington than our leaders’ failure to modernize America’s economic infrastructure. It’s hard to imagine a more urgent national priority, since upgrading our transportation, water, energy and communications systems is a proven way to spread jobs and prosperity to communities that need them most, boost business and worker productivity, and lay new foundations for future growth.

In 2016, candidates from both parties promised to make major investments in upgrading our increasingly decrepit and obsolete infrastructure. Despite this rare instance of bipartisan agreement, no progress has been made over the last two years. Now, as we enter the 2020 election cycle, Americans cannot afford to miss another opportunity to vote for leaders who will actually get the job done.

To underscore the need for new ideas and action on infrastructure, the Progressive Policy Institute will host a “Decision 2020 Ideas Forum” in Waterloo, Iowa. The conversation will feature U.S. Representative and presidential hopeful Tim Ryan of Ohio, Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart and State Representative Timi Brown-Powers. PPI President Will Marshall will moderate the discussion.

Doors will open at 8:00 AM, with a program starting at 8:30 AM. This event is open to the public. Questions? Press/Media:


Online registration is not available for this event.