Should the FCC Serve as Internet Traffic Cop?

27 May


27 May 12:00 pm - 01 Jan 2:00 pm


The Mayflower Hotel

1127 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington

“Should the FCC Serve as Internet Traffic Cop?” at The Mayflower Renaissance (East Room) aims to address whether ISPs should be subject to interconnection obligations of the kind imposed on owners of public switched telephone networks. 

The Internet is a network of networks. Our ability to retrieve information from around the world or to deliver it around the world almost instantly depends on a variety of “interconnection” agreements between the companies that build and maintain the networks that comprise the Internet. To date, such agreements have been private transactions, relying on market forces to dictate prices and terms. This PPI forum is intended to highlight the key issues for regulators, network providers, and consumers. It will explore two critical policy questions: 1) Is there compelling evidence that private market transactions can no longer guarantee the flow of traffic on the Internet; 2) If so, what role should the FCC play in resolving interconnection disputes?

Find the video below, and the PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Peha here.

Eventbrite - Should the FCC Serve as Internet Traffic Cop?

Featured Event Speakers
Ruth Milkman, Chief of Staff for FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
Technology Overview
Jon Peha, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engeneering, Carnegie Mellon University
Policy panel
Kevin Werbach, Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, University of Pennsylvania
Gerry Faulhaber Professor Emeritus of Business Economics and Public Policy, University of Pennsylvania
Hal Singer, Senior Fellow, Progressive Policy Institute and Principal, Economists Incorporated
Anna-Maria Kovacs, Visiting Senior Policy Scholar, Georgetown University’s Center for Business and Public Policy
Moderator: Larry Downes, author of Big Bang Disruption

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