WATCH: A Conversation with Tony Blair in Washington, D.C. with PPI President Will Marshall

12 Mar


12 Mar 1:00 pm - 01 Jan 2:00 pm



PPI and the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change joined forces in Washington, D.C., as PPI’s Will Marshall and Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair shared in conversation on the global political landscape and the future of politics in the United States, the United Kingdom, and across the world.
“The challenge of Liberal Democracy is efficacy. People feel their world is changing without their consent and beyond their control and they want someone to fix it. The populists are answering this feeling,” said Mr. Blair in conversation with PPI’s Will Marshall.
The one hour conversation also touched on the growing COVID-19 epidemic, with Mr. Blair saying, “My view, very simply with the coronavirus, is the important thing is I think there are a lot of lessons about global coordination that we should learn after this, but in the short term you have to follow the scientific advice.”
The event aired live on PPI’s YouTube channel and C-SPAN.

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