WEBINAR: Ending Systemic Racism in American K-12 Education

17 Jun


17 Jun 3:00 pm - 01 Jan 4:00 pm



Washington,, D.C.

June 17: Racism, America’s original sin, still is deeply woven into our education system today. This webinar explores how we can fight racism in education, and create an America that truly lives up to its founding principles. 


  1. Amy Wilkins (
  2. Dr. Howard Fuller (
  3. Earl Martin Phalen (
  4. Richard Kahlenberg (

Moderator: Curtis Valentine


“All of these years after slavery we still have people who want to control what type of education is best for us” 

“The structural oppression of a people cannot be eliminated solely by educating them better. Ultimately we have to do something about the fundamental conditions that put them there in the first place.”

“We know too much to waste more time studying the problem…we need to support all the people out there doing the right thing for black kids and not get lost in a series of commissions or studies”

“We want our scholars to be leaders…If I say let’s line up and we’re going to head left I want them to ask why. I want them to question authority. We’re not trying to beat out of our scholars their questioning of systems and authority and of leaders”

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