WEBINAR: Fighting for Education Equity for Latinx Students

06 May


06 May 12:00 am - 01 Jan 12:00 am



Washington,, D.C.

May 6: Join the Progressive Policy Institute’s Reinventing America’s Schools Project (RAS) for a webinar on educational equity for Latinx students amid COVID-19.


  1. Cinto Ramos (
  2. Alex Magana (
  3. Alma Marquez (
  4. Ricardo Martinez: (

Moderator: Curtis Valentine


“The people in power don’t even take the first step to understand who they’re dealing with”

“I am not promoting color blindness. What I am promoting is color conscious, that we acknowledge how these systems are impacting us”

“Only 30% of those low-income children had any kind of connection with their teacher” 

“These kids only have one chance. They don’t get another do-over 10 years from now, this is it. Whatever we do know is going to impact them forever.

Listen here.

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